A typical day of fly fishing

Most guests like to wake up early, so they can enjoy their fly fishing days to the max! Breakfast time is between 07.00 h and 7.30 h at the hotel.

After breakfast we get ready for a great day of fly fishing. When everyone is ready we walk to the harbor and meet our captain who will sail us safely to one of the many rivers and lakes that is on the program for today. On the way we look around and enjoy the amazing scenery Greenland has to offer.

When we arrive at the river mouth, we leave the boat and hike to the fishing area. Hiking can sometimes take up to one hour.

We then spend the day fly fishing.

The guide will make coffee and tea at the waterside and can also make fresh sashimi.

Most guests like to have a lunch break together, somewhere during the day.

When we have gotten our fill of fishing, we hike back to the boat and sail back to Narsaq.

In the hotel we enjoy our dinner and share stories of our day full of fly fishing in the amazing Greenlandic nature. The guide will look forward to the next day and tell you what to expect and what to bring for the river system that is on the program.

After that you can choose to go to your room or visit the local bar (for a Qajaq beer, locally brewed with glacial water).

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