Departure from Keflavik airport 16:45, but it´s best to be there 3 hours early. 

Arrival in Narsarsuaq 17:30. 

We come and pick you up at the airport and sail to Narsaq, the boat trip takes approx. 1 hour. 

Check in at the hotel, dinner and a small meeting with the guide to get oriented and better informed. 

The next two days will be spent fishing in excellent rivers, like the Illua river which is a world class Arctic Char river and one of the murky glacier rivers that hold big ones, and some sightseeing between rivers.

One day off. On this day it is possible to go on sightseeing trips around the icebergs or to the inland ice, where the Greenland ice cap meets the ocean. Or go for a walk around town and learn about Greenlandic culture and their food. The mountain is also a popular hiking destination.

The next three days its fishing in excellent rivers and lakes around the area.

On departure day we go early from the hotel and sail to a Norse viking settlement in Brattahlid before we go to the airport.

Departure is 18:15, but it is good to be there 2 hours early.